Little Earth Pre-School

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"At Little Earth we embrace the fact that little is great which we believe is a great start for every little human being."

After lots of hard work and an abundance of fun, we have completed our beautiful natural timber styled play ground for a stunning little Pre-School in Kuils River called Little Earth.

"A Pre-School is the first official learning environment to which a child is introduced. Research shows that good design and peaceful surroundings creates a sense of calmness and security.  The building’s eco-friendly design extends to the curriculum which encourages a spirit of fun explorations and purposeful play."

We felt honoured to have been asked to create this playground, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with the owners, Esmé van Heerden and Nandi Anderson.



There are so many different elements to the children's eco-freindly playground. There's 3 8-sided towers connected by 2 arch bridges. There's a sandpit with a giant snail to add to the imaginative aspect.There's balancing log beams, wooden teepee's, log benches, log stacks, swing bridge going over the little river, foot path with different textures for little feet and SO much more!

This playground is perfect for little growing minds to explore their vast imagination!

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