The Indi Spinning Balance Board

Freedom of movement never before possible - the Indi Board has more developmental benefits than any other balance board on the market! It is an indoor/outdoor product that has been enjoyed by all ages. An all rounder Balance Board with many applications and benefits.

Movement: The board swivels 360° while at the same time, pivots on it's central axis.

Development tool: The board has received a lot of attention from Occupational Therapists, Teachers, Parents and of course even more attention from children. It has also been used for core strength training, development and recovery by Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers.

Available colours: Red, Blue or Green.

Maximum weight: 90kg

Manufacture: Hard-wearing wooden toy, that will last the distance. Made with exterior ply, coated with Glatex (to protect longevity of the timber) and a galvanised steel bracket.

PRICE - Indi Spinning Balance Board: R2250

Benefits of Balance

Established 10 years ago, the Indi ‘Spinning Balance’ Board has served many purposes from play therapy to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, core strength training, teaching and much more.This all rounder balance board has such a diverse range of applications with so many benefits on so many levels.

The biggest emphasis of this board is its amazing use on the integration of the brain hemispheres and how effectively it improves the brain processing speed through learning. The Indi Board activates integration of the vestibular, visual, kinaesthetic, and tactile senses.
It is an incredible development aid which supports cognitive redirection of neural pathways, it increases motor skills with better control and better understanding of the functionality of the body. The Indi Board has received great feedback on behavioural improvement, where kids have become more enthusiastic and focused with homework. It has supported improvement in reading as sight becomes sharper as well as improvement in eye-tracking.
When children use the Indi Board, they are given the tools to develop physical core strength in an exciting way, all at the same time developing emotional balance which allows them to better deal with emotional stress as well as emotional self control. The younger the child’s age, the more beneficial this learning tool is for development as they learn to mould these attributes in to balance while the child is at their most malleable.

Collaborative Learning Table

Through educational focus, we wanted to give this amazing learning tool a real integral function in the classroom environment, so we created the Collaborative Learning Table.

The Collaborative Learning Table is designed at a height and shape that allows kids to stand on the Indi Board and work at the table in an interactive group. This encourages and unifies communication through movement - keeping the kids in a balanced, creative and analytical problem solving mind frame – thinking outside the box. The kids are less distracted and more eager to focus on what is in front of them.

Working together as a group, while keeping the body in motion, makes learning an exciting process and children fully engage in their activities. They are more involved in their learning process which allows them the freedom, the courage and the self assured confidence to ‘bring something to the table’.

Freedom of movement never before possible - the Indi Board has more developmental benefits than any other balance board on the market!

The Indi Board is fun for kids to play on, and with the NEW design, the board is broad enough for adults to play on too!

Cognitive Development

  • Increased capacity for sustained self-directed attention
  • Increased ability to learn new material
  • Ability to sequence information
  • Improved ability to produce smooth speech sounds
  • Increased ability to integrate sensory information

Behavioural Improvement

  • Increased motivation
  • Increased organisation
  • Enthusiasm for learning

Increased Motor Skills

  • Sense of rhythm
  • Improved handwriting
  • Improved speech
  • Achieving automaticity
  • Improving coordination, posture and gait
  • Crossing the midline
  • Strengthening core muscles

Visual/Reading Development

  • Improved eye-tracking
  • Better use of both eyes together (eye teaming)

Emotional Development

  • Overcoming the effects of emotional stress
  • Increased emotional self-control
  • Increased self-esteem