Bay Primary Journey

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Bay Primary has the best teaching staff and the warmest hearts.  Good sports coaching and teams, excellent academics, and a great caring ethos that is sometimes missing from bigger schools  but this is what their parents and visitors see at the Junior Primary Campus.

From the field, from the walkway, from inside the school and outside the school the playground looks old, dull and very sad ... not to mention, SO MUCH SAND!

The teachers of Bay Primary Junior Campus, together with the students, put their heads together to design a new playground for their school.

They then came to us with their ideas and designs and asked us to make it possible. Because Bay Primary is one of our local schools, it really hit home and we couldn’t wait to get started!

We started off with clearing and prepping the ground and marking everything out and putting up all the fencing.

By the 15th February, everything was starting to take shape.

By this morning, the 22nd February, the grass had been laid out, parts of the obstacle course had been installed, the ramps with the 2 tunnels were taking shape, and it's now starting to look like a playground!

We can't wait to see the finished product and to see the smiles from all the students at the school!

Keep an eye out for more updates!!