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Wooden Elements offers standard Playhouse Structures, which can be tailored with extras.

Kids absolutely love anything that is designed for their size. What better play element than their own little house to decorate. Our playhouses give so much room for kids imaginative play. You could get decorative with some pretty little curtains, or brighten the outside of the playhouse with flower boxes on the windowsill.

Everything is unique and special, every leaf, every snowflake and every person. If is an incredibly adventurous spirit you are catering to, then why not tailor your playhouse - put it on stilts with a trapdoor and a fireman’s pole down to the sandpit, or perhaps a fufi slide from the deck. Our crow’s nests are wonderful to extend off of, you could add a slide and/or some monkey bars.

Star Child Play House


Dimensions: 2,5m(L) x 1,3m(W) x 1,9m(H)

Includes: Door, 1x single window, 1x double window

Anastasia Play House


Dimensions: 2,5m(L) x 1,9m(W) x 1,9m(H)

Includes: Door, 2x single windows, 1x double window

Dreamhouse Play House


Dimensions: 3,4m(L) x 2,4m(W) x 1,9m(H)

Includes: Door, 2x single windows, 1x double window

Dreamhouse with Mezzanine


Dimensions: 3,4m(L) x 2,4(W) x 2,5m(H)

Includes: Door, 3x single windows, 1x double window, mezzanine/loft with inside ladder