Bay Primary Journey – part 2

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We are happy to announce that the Bay Primary schools playground has been completed!

The children where so excited to play on the playground and were very thankful for all the hard work done. They were so grateful, that the school organised a ceremony as a tribute to the Wooden Elements team.

We watched as the kids went running onto the playground for the first time, screaming and shouting with delight!

Every time one of the kids ran past one of our team members, they stopped to say another thank you.

The children and the teachers and parents were so thankful and respectful of the work our team had done. It was so refreshing!

We used the wood from the old jungle gym and 'revamped' it and managed to use it to make the archways, the fences and most of the obstacle course, and we managed to incorporate the 2 big pipes and turn it into something fun!

I think it's safe to say that this was one of our favourite projects to date, for many reasons, but mainly because of the joy it bought to the kids at the school!