Chacma Ninja Warrior – Cape Town

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Wooden Elements have been the forerunners of incredible timber playhouses, tree houses, jungle gyms, play parks and indoor super parks for young kids over the last 14 years.

Through our research and development - we have found that kids between the ages of 12-18 years are still seeking an age appropriate obstacle course where they can free run, balance, climb, jump, roll, and learn safe falling techniques that will allow them to challenge their agility and coordination.


Research has also found that being challenged in these activities will also enhance concentration, school performance, memory, enthusiasm, self-discipline, character building confidence and self-esteem. Parents will see their children succeeding and having fun; while being reassured that the physical, mental, and emotional needs of their kids are being met.

With an incredible array of activities growing in the sport scene, The Ninja Warrior courses have gained a fast growing public interest. We find ourselves in a day and age where adventure sports are beginning to increase interest over our old traditional sport scene. This new generational wave of sport allows kids to individually find their own pace, while maintaining the motivation to challenge themselves.

Wooden Elements has collaborated with Gym Wizards to bring the ninja warrior experience to your schools! Our full Chacma Ninja Warrior course can span 80m2, and can be customized to any space or area. The Chacma Ninja Warrior Course can also be customized to ages of 6-10. Specialised training can be provided through Gym Wizards powered by ex-Springbok gymnast Tanya Williams.