Indi Balance Boards New Design!

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Have you ever wanted a product that is fun for you AND your kids? Well, our new Indi board design will make that possible!



The Indi Board is all about balance, and is a fantastic development aid for children, learning physical and emotional balance from an early age. Balance is the basis of all learning, especially for children. One can incorporate a number of learning games with the board. Just by purely balancing we are activating and integrating both hemispheres of the brain.





The Indi Board is fun for kids to play on, and with the new design, the board is broad enough for adults to play on too!

The new design can help children and adults increase their ability to learn new material, give them a sense of rhythm, improve their handwriting, increase their motivation and organisation, help them overcoming the effects of emotional stress, increase emotional self-control and self-esteem, strengthening core muscles, and so much more!

"The new broader design is perfect for my yoga practices and for doing exercises on. I found that doing yoga and exercises on the Indi Board was more challenging because I had to really focus on the balancing, which was great! I can imagine how great it must be for kids because they get to exercise while they play" - Shannon Fenton

Shannon had a great time doing push-ups, handstands, balancing exercises as well as meditating and just playing on the Indi Board.

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