CURRO Castle

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Who remembers our old time favourite - the Chacma castle at the Porter’s Market in Tokai? We were so thrilled to re do this design for one of the Curro Castle pre-school’s in Durbanville. And what a fitting piece for the school it was!
The castle includes lots of different elements to enthuse the children’s imaginations. To the kids, they could be a King or a Queen, a prince or princess, or anything their heart desired. The imagination can run wild with this castle in a cloud. “The great gift of the human imagination is that it has no limits or ending.” – Jim Rhon

The castle was a big hit and has been loved by many children of all ages. When the Porter’s Market closed, our wonderful old Chacma castle travelled all the way to the Chocolat Bistro in Durbanville to be enjoyed by many more children. We thoroughly enjoyed recreating this old piece! The spirit of play continues!

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