The 8 sided Jungle Gym Towers

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The 8 sided jungle gym tower comes in two sizes, kids size and toddler size. It is no doubt one of our favourite elements and it is an absolute childhood necessity.

These jungle gyms are designed in an octagonal fashion, which allows each element to come from the central deck. You have 6 elements to choose from. A staircase, Rope ramp, monkey bars, Cargo net, Climbing wall, Fireman-pole or a straight slide. Not to mention, you can also add other elements to make your jungle gym unique and custom made. Its guaranteed to keep your kids busy!

What makes the 8 sided jungle gym tower so great is that it can turn an empty space into a dream space for your kids where they can climb mountains on their climbing walls. Where they can cross the monkey bars over the crocodile infested waters and fight dragons from their watch tower!

Let your children's imaginations run wild!

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