Balance Board for kids

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We have been testing the market with the Indi Board balance boards, taking them to outdoor markets and places where kids are hanging out. The response has been a very positive and enthusiastic one by children between the ages on 1,5yrs (they are curious about absolutely everything) and teenagers all the way up to 18 yrs… not to mention the many adults who also want to have a turn. The difference with the Indi Board is that it is not only a balance board it can also swivel 360°.

I have seen one of the 5 year old boys jump on the balance board, do a 360, jump up in the air, land on the board and then do a 360 in the opposite direction. Another 7 year old girl with long hair down to her waist had us in awe one day. She jumped on the board and was like a ballerina doing consistent 360’s round and round as her hair created a spiral around her. Our son, who is 2,5yrs, decided to lie on his belly, raise his legs and “paddle” – phenomenal exercise for strengthening those tiny core muscles.

An amazing article I found written by Dr. Jean Ayres, Occupational Therapist, Dr. Frank Belgau, Vision Perception Specialist and Nancy Rowe, Speech Therapist had this to say about the benefits of balance boards :

Observed Benefits: Use of the Balance Board has shown benefits in the following areas:


a.. increased capacity for sustained self-directed attention
b.. increased ability to learn new material
c.. ability to sequence information
d.. improved ability to produce smooth speech sounds
e.. increased ability to integrate sensory information


a.. increased motivation
b.. increased organization
c.. enthusiasm for learning


a.. overcoming the effects of emotional stress
b.. increased emotional self-control
c.. increased self-esteem


a.. improved eye-tracking
b.. better use of both eyes together-eye teaming

Motor Skills

a.. sense of rhythm
b.. improved handwriting
c.. improved speech
d.. achieving automaticity
e.. improving coordination, posture and gait

When our sense of balance is inefficient, all our attention needs to go to what our physical body is doing so we don’t fall over and hurt ourselves. If we can not move appropriately, quickly enough or even slow enough, we loose our balance (this sense of stability) and we fall down. We all know about the earth’s gravity and it’s effects but many of us have not connected it to the stability and efficiency of how we move through space and organise the information we receive from our senses.

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