Corporate Social Responsibility

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It is part of our vision to give back to our local community. Many of the schools in Masiphumelele and other informal settlements have very poor facilities for children. Either no or very neglected jungle gyms, not enough chairs and tables for the pupils, dilapidated buildings etc. We would like to encourage large corporations to donate funds to kit our underprivileged schools with furniture, tables and chairs. We would also like schools to have many Indi Boards’s for their pupils and if any companies/ individuals would like to split the cost and get this into the underprivileged schools we really believe the benefits for the children will be worth it. Balance after all is the basis of all learning, crossing the mid-line, right & left brain hemisphere – the list is endless. Besides they are so much fun and mostly all children (and adults) love them.

This is an area of our business that we would really like to grow and nurture. There is so much amazing work going on out there to aid children that are underprivileged. A friend of our goes to underprivileged schools to set up a kitchen gardens, and then goes every week to teach the children about growing their own vegetables, being more aware and conscious about sustainability – she then cooks with them from their garden. This is a project that we truly respect and admire. This kind of work we would like to encourage more of. We would also like to encourage large corporations to invest in our (the world/ South Africa etc) future, our children. The work we do today to help the environment, our community and will probably only be visible in 20-30 years….

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