Indi Spinning Balance Board

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With the Indi Spinning Balance Board kids get ‘S.M.A.R.T: Strength, Mobility, Aptitude, Responsiveness, Tenacity’ and its tons of fun too! Robust construction, means the Indi Board is rugged and eco-friendly. Easily maintained and highly durable.

Riding on the ‘Indi Board’ is the closest you can get to surfing a perfect wave on dry land. Thanks to our unique design allows freedom of movement never before possible on a balance board!

Mission: For every child to enjoy the miraculous benefits of balance training through playing freely on the revolutionary Indi Board

Description: Ex-championship surfer Ryan Kuhn developed the ‘Indi Board’ over the course of four years. Inspired by the birth of his daughter Indi-Gianna, work began on the design shortly after she was born. Ryan wanted to create an educational toy for Indi-Gianna that would be tons of fun and enable her to share his life long passion for surfing, before she was old enough to jump in the water and enjoy the waves.

The Indi Board is a recreational development aid that helps kids to increase motor-neuron skills, improve balance, develop core and leg strength and so much more, all whilst having lots of fun. It is also the perfect pre-cursor to surfing and any other activity for which these important faculties are essential. Through playing freely on the ‘Indi Board' children can easily develop a strong association between exercise and fun that will last a lifetime… And they can start as young as two years old on our toddler board.


Here’s what Gary Kleynhans of ‘Gary’s Surf School est 1989′ has to say about Indi Spinning Balance Boards:

“The ‘Indi Board’ will rapidly improve your kid’s ability to surf. It’s the best balance board on the market. Anyone who wants to be a better surfer or just have fun exercising and efficiently improving all-round should own one!”

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