Beauty in a child’s environment

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Often when I think of children’s spaces the first thing that pops into mind is a beautiful open space, that feels calm and inspiring.  I also love a space like that, using feng shui principles we can create spaces that flow better.  When the flow of energy is free and optimum I myself am more productive, feel more centered and things just generally flow better.

With young children, who literally  are forming themselves, their environment/s are of utmost importance – as they impact on the things they choose to do, their respect for the environment as well as self-respect and putting themselves into conducive and inspiring situations and places always.

If you give a child Van Gogh, “Starry Night” then that child will learn to appreciate art and true beauty. If a child is surrounded by cartoon characters, then that is what they will learn to appreciate.

When our environment is ordered, and everything has a clear and suitable place it has a positive affect on our feeling of calmness and that ‘everything is in place’. When an room, shelf or box is thrown together  with no separation things tend to feel a little chaotic, and we feel chaotic.

With children being such sensitive beings they pick up on these seemingly subtle elements – and these elements can mean the difference on a child really calmly absorbing the activity they have chosen. Or going randomly through their toys, not really giving any one thing much time. With this said all children’s interests are different and they will gravitate to different games to keep themselves busy.

When their environment (bedroom/playroom/playhouse/school) is setup in such a way that is beautiful, clean and orderly they will learn to start respecting it. Being encouraged to pack things away themselves and look after their space teaches them respect for not only their space, also for themselves and others. Toys also seem to last longer.

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