Children’s Play Houses, Interior Decor & more

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If you have young children I’m sure you’ve noticed that children love to play house. Sweeping with their little broom, ‘making supper’ – generally doing everything they see mom and dad doing.

Our playhouses give them their very own little space to do just that. The windows (made of perspex for safety) open and close, the door has a lock and key so they can lock up when they leave. The playhouses also have a little deck for sundowners on a perfect evening while their folks are having a braai. Our play houses are available in a variety of sizes with various extras to make them special to your child. We also create custom playhouses and tree houses.

Our playhouses are all built with the same principles as building a real timber frame home. The corners all have cover strips (for waterproofing and they add to the aesthetic quality). The roof has ridge capping for waterproofing. The windows are made so that they are also waterproofed. Our standard playhouses come with a handrail and the standard windows. The picket fence and cottage pane windows are extra’s (please see price list).

Our playhouses are built extremely well with a lot of care so when you purchase a playhouse it is an investment as they are built to last.

Once your children have outgrown it as a playhouse it could become a teenage den with a lick of paint and a change of indoor decor or it could become the garden shed.

Playhouse Extras

Everything is unique and special, every leaf, every snowflake and every person. So we created a list of extra’s that you can add to your standard playhouse. Making it uniquely your children’s. Whether you prefer shutters to window boxes, a small cot or a small round table with chairs for tea. A children’s cupboard might be just the thing for your child or even the flower-hanger dress up box.

It might be an adventurous spirit you are catering to, then putting your playhouse on stilts, with a trapdoor and fireman’s pole down to the sandpit, or perhaps a fufi slide from the deck. Our crow’s nests are wonderful to extend off of.

Whether you keep them simple and allow the decor to your child. One such child, whom after just seeing his Crow’s nest insisted we leave all the leaves and branches for him to camouflage his post. Alternatively take a slide and some monkey bars off of it. Endless creative possibilities. If you don’t see it on our list it doesn’t mean we haven’t or cannot do it – we are happy to create dreams so please contact us for a custom quote.

Playhouse Decor

We love to see what people have done with their playhouses. As those of you who have them, or had them as children, know it’s not only your children who will be in there. They will often invite you over for some tea and a sandwich – and like all our homes we have chairs to sit and tables or cupboards to put things. So make them enticing and inviting – after all home is where the heart is.

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