Jungle Gyms and Outdoor Play Gyms

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Our standard jungle gym is one of the many we have done. This one is ideal for children from 1yrs to 6 yrs. The enlarged staircase makes it safe yet still challenging enough even for toddlers, giving them a chance to safely practice climbing up steps.

This leads up to the little deck where children can choose to take the monkey bars across or to slide down, or even to use one of the climbing frames on either side of the deck. Under the deck are holes to crawl through and develop their spatial awareness, or create a little hideaway spot.

A climbing frame on the side lets them climb up and down… having fun and using all their little muscles. Here we can always start with a raised deck, handrail and ladder – perhaps with a roof, then add on from there (e.g.. slide, monkey bars, cargo net, fireman’s pole, ship steering wheel, airplane cockpit; the possibilities are endless!).

We truly feel that for children to get the most from their jungle gyms it’s so beneficial to add on some sort of roof / walls. Make it like a den, help your children create their own amazing space. This kind of space provides such an important platform for imaginative play. There is so much more one can do with a roof over one’s head – the possibilities are endless in creating various stages.

Whether you are looking for a rustic timber look or a beautifully finished and painted jungle gym (perhaps to tie in with the colours of your house), we can custom finish any of our play elements for you. We can custom make swings and jungle gyms for older children too.

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