Picnic Benches

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We can create children’s picnic benches in various sizes; from small for toddlers for use in your home (indoors and outdoors) to our larger sizes for older kids; which is ideally suited for children’s parties, restaurants and others kids venues. Children’s … Continued

Custom Playhouse

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A custom made children’s playhouse on stilts with a sandpit underneath.There are monkey bars coming off the balcony and 3 portholes overlooking the sea view.We have even included a  custom made children’s ship steering wheel and a fireman’s pole inside with trap door … Continued

About the Elements – The World at my height

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Our children’s furniture is designed with the Montessori philosophy in mind. By that we mean our creative play elements are all designed at children’s height– so that it is accessible to toddlers and young children.As well as providing our children with aesthetically pleasing surroundings … Continued

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