Motivational Monday

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"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus" - Mark Twain

Imagination means everything to Wooden Elements. Our ultimate goal is to create play areas where kids can let their imaginations run free!

When we add certain elements to our structures, for example, a telescope, or a steering wheel. What us adults see is a structure with a telescope and a steering wheel, but what our kids are seeing is nothing like that.

What our kids get to see, is a giant pirate ship, where the main pirate in charge gets the awesome job of steering the ship. His second in command is given the important task of keeping watch for other pirates. If there's an invasion, their enemy will be forced to cross the monkey bars with shark infested water beneath him.

Even without any extra elements, the power of a child's imagination is enough to change your back garden!


It would appear that we as adults are unable to rely on our eyes as we have completely lost focus of our imagination, and it's our kids who bring that focus back for us.

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